Letters to the Editor

Bush late in the game on building refineries

President Bush finally sees the need for new refineries. What a vision. Considering there haven't been any built in 30 years and considering the refinery level is where oil companies slow the gas flow with the refinery ghosts that keep them from producing at maximum year round, where has he been for four-plus years?

There was nothing in the recent energy bill that Republicans wrote and he signed that said, "You will get all these huge tax breaks when you build some new refineries."

Who is he trying to fool this time? The last thing Big Oil wants is to change anything that would reduce its monstrous profits. Because members of the oil industry were some of the biggest contributors to Bush, it really is the last thing he wants.

How about government refineries on closed military bases? It would create many jobs, easily pay for itself and create the much needed competition oil companies do not have today. Most of all, it would help Americans for a change. That would never happen with this bunch we have in there now.

They can't blame Democrats like they have in the past because they have the majority and can pass any bill they wish that would help working American families. Yet they stand by while Big Oil robs the lifeblood from us and threatens our economy.

This is nothing more than payback to his cronies. If you want to know who is robbing you, just look at who gets the money.

The forecast for winter heating is between a 75 and 100 percent increase, and if you can't pay it, I guess you will just freeze.

How do people like that get elected, anyway?

- Terry Gilbreath


If the rules don't work, change them

Just in case you folks are standing too close to the forest, the group with the biggest agenda where Tasers are concerned is the Gwinnett County Sheriff's Department.

If the rules being followed were not what they should have been, the outcome won't be either. Confirming that the rules were adhered to means nothing, no matter how many agencies do it.

- Dave Siegler

Mesa, Ariz.

Miers not qualified

We need qualified rather than well-connected judges on the Supreme Court.

- John Bullabaugh


Props to Perspective

People vary in their likes and dislikes. That is especially evident in readers of our newspapers.

Some people immediately turn to their favorite section and then read other articles at their leisure or maybe even ignore the other pages. Sports-minded people usually can't wait to learn whose teams won or lost. Cooks seek out the food section. Children are interested in the comics. Some older readers check out the obituaries. All are interested in front-page news.

As for me, my favorite is Perspective in the Daily Post and that is what I turn to first. I find the regular columnists to be excellent. (Darrell Huckaby and Dick Yarbrough are my favorites.)

I read all the letters to the editor and find many of them to be interesting and thought-provoking.

- William T. Dalton