Letters to the Editor

October 18, 2005

Grider responds to mayor's comments

To the editor:

First of all, let me say I have never lusted for power. Lust for power is reserved for career politicians. I am simply a private citizen with no political ambitions who firmly believes that the direction the mayor, the city manager and the majority of the council members are taking the city is wrong at this time. As for her hate remark, the only hatred exhibited is by the mayor and her cronies on the city council toward the people that have the audacity to disagree with them.

Mayor Day is absolutely correct that I have brought things to her attention that I felt needed to be corrected. One was a resident on West Fayetteville Road that was having her lifestyle disrupted by annoying neighbors. The other was a ruptured sewage line at a rental house next door to me. Both times, she did indeed respond in a timely manner to resolve these problems. I thank her for that but I believed then and still believe that is one of her responsibilities as mayor. I was not asking for special attention.

Public discourse by citizens should be a facet of all public meetings. Maybe I am wrong, but I have always believed that the purpose of city council meetings was to conduct city business in the presence of citizens and to welcome their input. As for the validity of our comments, I believe that any concern a citizen has about the way our government is being conducted is a valid concern. Evidently, Mayor Day believes that only comments supporting her views are valid.

Mayor Day has referred to us as dogs on Spring Street and now she calls us rodents. That should make every citizen aware of how we rate with her. We have tried to keep our political differences respectful and I have never made a disrespectful remark to her or any council member. I have never screamed on her answering machine nor have I vandalized her property. I do hope she can prove these allegations.

I admit to e-mailing the county school board to question whether they felt her position as a mayor was interfering with her duties as a principal. I believe a few years ago the school board had that same opinion. I believe that as a taxpayer I have a right to know whether school employees are performing their duties in a competent manner. I did not feel that she was performing her duties as mayor in such a manner.

When Mayor Day calls citizens to request residents to put candidates signs in their yards, does that not reflect cronyism? People usually support candidates that reflect their beliefs and their vision for the city. Does that not mean we can support a group of candidates that reflect our positions?

As for independent thinking, that is exactly why I have supported Maddox, Mann, Yonce and Wiggins. They are all independent thinkers and will not be stoogies for the mayor. Her cronies sit next to her at council meetings and do not exhibit any independent thinking at all.

The two individuals she speaks of may not have residences in the city, but they both are property owners n the city and have a vested interest in the city. City Manager Jon Walker, who resides in Tucker, has no such vested interest. He is a young man with career ambitions. He will be moving on to another situation if a more lucrative position presents itself, leaving the residents to clean up the mess he has left.

We are not trying to tear at the lifeblood of Jonesboro. We are simply trying to apply a tourniquet to stop the bleeding and unite our city. I make no apologies for that.

Roger Grider