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Bottle bomb not terroristic - Justin Boron

The old exploding bottle trick – I love it, and luckily no one was seriously injured. It works out to be a laughable prank in my book.

Motors running again at AMS

By Michael Davis

Wie proved she isn't ready - Brian Howard

A week ago, I wrote that Michelle Wie should forgo millions of dollars to finish high school and go to college.

Short distance from Toledo to Baghdad - Ed Brock

I know it may seem a little like a cheap shot to draw this connection, but here it is.

Clayton police lose officer in line of duty

By Ed Brock

Letters to the Editor

Even before storms, nation spending itself to bankruptcy

Commissioners step up control in courthouse

By Justin Boron

Commission to consider courthouse security change

By Justin Boron

Citizens not allowed to speak

To the editor:

GDOT road work projects winding down locally

By Ed Brock

An afternoon in McDonough Square - Johnny Jackson

Eastbound on Georgia Highway 20/81 follows the road to what locals called ”McDonough Square.“

Life is so unsettling now - Bob Paslay

It is indeed an unsettling time in America. The president's approval rating is down to 39 percent. Asked if the nation is going in the right direction, only about a fourth of those responding said we are. The natural disasters keep mounting. This nation, which should be figuring out how to balance our budget, is having to spend billions on the Iraq war and on helping rebuild the hurricane ravaged coast.

Mark Heard

Mark Heard, age 40, of Rex, Ga., passed away Oct. 17, 2005.

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Virginia Adair

Mrs. Virginia Adair, 78, of Jonesboro, passed away Oct. 17, 2005.

What am I doing, where have I been? - Michael Davis

So this is Friday. And what have I done?

Clayton State men battle to 1-1 tie

From Staff Reports

Jonesboro gears up for state tourney

By Brian Howard

A response to mayor's comments

To the editor:

My child - the ”genius“ - Chris Goltermann

We are a society of chest thumpers, rah-rahers and ”We're No. 1“ finger-pointers. And it's enough to make one sick.

Pets of the Week

Hemmi is a one and a half year old domestic shorthair orange tabby. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Hemmi is a polydactyl (has extra toes), and it is believed that polydactyl cats bring good luck to the homes in which they live. He is extremely playful, and very loving and affectionate with people. However, he has an extreme dislike for other cats, so he should likely be an "only cat." Due to his inability to get along with other cats, Hemmi's days at the humane society shelter are spent in a cage, so it is imperative that he find a permanent home soon. For more information, please call Clayton County Humane Society a (770) 471-9436 Visit to see other animals available for adoption.