A response to mayor's comments

To the editor:

Help, my rock has been stolen. But that must have happened when I bought my home and moved to the city of Jonesboro in 1979. If Mayor Day had taken the time to look back at the city council meeting minutes from when I moved to Jonesboro, she would have found I have stood in front of every administration and expressed concerns every time it was necessary. In all cases the previous administration would take time to listen to the citizens and make informed decisions. Now we have gone from no forum to “I will stay and listen as long as any one wants to speak” back to no forum. How I long for the good old days.

When I come before the council it is because I have an issue I feel needs to be addressed on behalf of myself or elderly and fixed income citizens who are scared to come before the council for fear of being belittled (as we have seen) or of retaliations. Every time I bring issues before the mayor and council, I have copies of what I have found for their review. Almost all are provided through the open records act. Which on one request the city clerk informed me that “the mayor “ had instructed her not to comply with the request, in violation of state law. This was in front of a third party. A letter was then produced on city letterhead that I would not be allowed to review the records. Would you like a copy, mayor? What is being hidden from the citizens of Jonesboro?

I meet the same qualifications that your city manager was quoted in the paper as the requirements that Councilman Clifford “Rip” Sewell had for serving as a council member. Even though he had told a city police officer in front of me he had moved to Ola, Ga. prior to voting to set the millage rate and collect taxes in the city. This was confirmed to me by his co-workers at the courthouse and the real estate listing on his old home. And if you come down right now you will find I still own a home in Jonesboro with a wife, two kids, several dogs and all the bills including the taxes. Which may amount to double taxation by having to pay county fire tax in addition to subsidizing the county fire department with city taxes. This is by a badly negotiated contract which cost the citizens of Jonesboro almost $90,000 per year that no other property owner in Clayton County has to pay.

I pulled the “Mayor Day's Accomplishments for Jonesboro” flier that was used in her re-election campaign. If you can't find yours or it's too painful to look at, here are a few highlights. “No city taxes, no sanitation fees,” “secured $1,000,000 from ARC for downtown project (to begin 2004). Is this the one that almost $500,000 has been spent on for consulting fees and now will only involve the area at the train depot instead of all of Main Street on both sides of the tracks that still has not started? “Fireman on call in station/faster response times.” Based on recent comments and actions these appear a little hypocritical to me.

If the citizens “rate very high” with you, Mayor Day, why did you ignore the written request of almost 400 registered voters in the city? The ‘set” of candidates running for office are the only ones I have seen at the council meetings. And again we are back to the mayor deciding how things will be done and not the elected officials of the city of Jonesboro. I wonder if the attack by the mayor is in response to my desire to serve the city by serving on the DDA. But I have no fear mayor I will never be found hiding under a rock or with my head had in the sand. You will find me at every council meeting watching for the lies and falsehoods and standing at the t the podium to ask why.

Jon Crane