Letters to the Editor

Even before storms, nation spending itself to bankruptcy

Two disastrous storms, Katrina and Rita, have resulted in a hurricane-like rush for more federal spending of hundreds of billions to repair and rebuild damaged areas. No one seems willing to admit that there's no authorization for such spending in the U.S. Constitution. This comes at a time when the deficit spending is at a record level. Notwithstanding, massive expenditures for welfare, foreign aid, education, medical care and housing proceed.

Our nation is on a fast course to bankruptcy. Our leaders not only refuse to change direction, they're revving up the speed to take us there! It's high time that we constituents demand some financial accountability out of our government.

- Will Hamann


Delta must be saved

Delta is the child of Atlanta. Delta is Georgia. Let Delta rent a lockbox and every man, woman and child in Georgia send $5 to the numbered box. Save what is your very own. Act now!

- Pat Dozier


Police officers are vital to community

On Oct. 5, a violent crime was committed on a family in Norcross. The mother's quick thinking led her to hide and dial 911 for police.

Three armed masked men kicked in their door at 3 a.m. The family, including young children, was threatened. The quick response of the Gwinnett County Police Department, with support from a helicopter surveillance team, led to the capture of two of the masked, armed offenders. A long, involved search of the area followed the capture. We are proud of our police force.

They are shining examples of well-trained professionals who take their jobs seriously. They are a vital part of our community. Let us not take these men and women for granted. We are living in a world where violence has increased significantly. I appreciate our law enforcement very much.

- Louise Radloff


Iraqis don't seem to appreciate our efforts to help them

At least twice in the past week I have seen pictures in the Post of dancing, smiling Iraqi citizens celebrating roadside bombings aimed at the very forces that are fighting to "assure their freedom."

It would be nice if we could say, "We unseated Saddam, we rebuilt your infrastructure, we ensured your elections and we supported your new constitution. If you don't appreciate our sacrifices, we are done here."

Could we bring our troops home, protect our borders and do a better job recognizing possible threats here at home? Is it easier to monitor suspicious people here where they do not blend in with the population? Does politically-correct action really matter when it comes to defeating terrorists? Would we accept more military presence in our daily activities if we were protecting our lifestyle?

Yes, I am a veteran, and I will still fight for our country. God bless those and their families that continue to serve in this battle.

- D.W. Pyles