One seat contested in Morrow election

By Justin Boron

Morrow voters will have a choice, at least for one seat.

Community activist and Dorothy Brandon will have to topple the incumbent Councilman Virlyn Slaton. Councilman C.R. “Bob” Huie is running uncontested.

In Morrow, candidates run at-large, but the opposition can choose who it runs against. Brandon said she chose Slaton because she didn't want to run against Huie, someone with whom she says she already had interacted and established a good rapport.

Slaton, 79, said he doesn't mind the competition.

“I think it's healthy,” he said.

But that won't stop him from being diligent in seeking his second term.

Slaton said he thinks he is part of an experienced group on the council that gels and has been striding toward high-end commercial and residential development plans like its livable centers initiative near the state and national archives.

“We've got a good team now. It seems to be working,” he said. “I'd like to continue that team and see Morrow grow and prosper.”

Brandon, 69, said she's just as open to existing development plans as she is to new ones. She also doesn't think the team needs to stay the same for the city to do well.

“There was a beginning for them, and this will be a beginning for me,” she said.

Originally from Southern California, Brandon, a retiree, has become well-recognized for her

community involvement with local public safety officers. Every year, she says she cooks for them on holidays like Christmas and New Year's Eve. Her service won her the Morrow Police Department Law Enforcement Citizen of the Year in 2001.

Brandon said she would like to bring the city's youth closer into city government to ensure that the young people growing up in Morrow want to continue living in the city once they become adults.

Slaton is a real estate broker and an insurance agent with 27 years as a legislative specialist.

Huie, 73, who said he has never faced opposition in the city, also said he would like to see revitalization of the area around Southlake Mall during his next term.