Letters to the Editor

October 17, 2005

Jonesboro mayor responds to

recent letter

To the editor:

Mr. Roger Grider's letter on Oct. 13 regarding our council meeting this week is just another evidence of the hate and lust for power evidenced by his group. Mr. Grider knows full well that he can communicate with me or any member of the council at any time. In fact, Mr. Grider has been to my office more than once to voice his opinions or for help with a problem and has called me for assistance on several occasions. In each of those instances, I have responded to Mr. Grider's concerns in a timely manner. All citizens of Jonesboro are welcomed to talk and share anytime, not just council meeting. They have access to council phone numbers, my cell phone number, my home number, City Hall, etc. as well as e-mail and my presence at City Hall each day. Mr. Grider and his cronies want a political forum, not to make valid citizen comment. Their usual spokesman is Mr. Jon Crane, who does not live in the city of Jonesboro.

The fact of the matter is that the citizens of Jonesboro do rate very high with me; otherwise I would not have put up with the lies, verbal abuse, vandalism of my property, screaming on my answering machine, Web site propaganda, and general disrespect and slander of the past year. Mr. Grider has even e-mailed my employers trying to place my job in jeopardy in order to put his cronies in power in the city of Jonesboro. It would have been so easy for me to ”go along with the group“ on some of our decisions of the past year, but I believe the people elected me to make the best decision based on the facts, not the desires of a select few.

As for independent thinking, Mr. Grider should try it some time. His group is being led by two individuals who do not even live in the city of Jonesboro. When the dust settles and they have destroyed any chance of progress in our city, those two can return to the rock they crawled out from under unscathed.

When a group endorses a ”set“ of candidates, that should speak loudly to citizens. Do they come as a matched collection like salt and pepper shakers? That does not sound like independent thinking to me. It sounds like a herd of lemmings.

During the past year, our council members both pro and con have been subjected to the most disrespected comments, falsehoods, verbal abuse, and untrue facts at every council meeting. Last Monday night I decided they needed a break from those who would tear at the very lifeblood of Jonesboro. I make no apologies for that.

Mayor Joy Day,

City of Jonesboro