Letters to the Editor

Libraries adjusting to evolving market

We're fortunate to have a professional 21st century library system at our fingertips here in Gwinnett. Like most business operations in today's rapidly changing market, the library staff makes decisions based on the product mix and services they can best provide their clientele within limited financial resources. They offer a high standard of service and selection for all citizens of the county.

Library staff members confront many of the same challenges faced by anyone in the retail book, music or video business today.

Many customers now purchase over the Internet, often direct from another individual. Many prefer online resources and are moving away from library and bookstore use. Many publishers and music/AV vendors sell direct to the customer.

Many publishers offer books and educational content in digital or alternative formats. Used book business is growing rapidly at the expense of the new book market. Operating a retail business requires specialized equipment and significant investment. It doesn't take much theft of books or DVDs to increase the cost of operation.

Bookstores and libraries (public and university) face an uncertain future, and we'll see many changes as they adjust to an evolving market. In the meantime, let's let their professional staff do their jobs - while we enjoy their excellent services.

- Harold "Hal" Ball


Politicians must get serious about border

It's about time, I hope. Our politicians are finally realizing that we mean business concerning illegal immigration.

I want our borders secure, our laws to be respected and billions of dollars worth of resources going to American citizens.

I love the fact that Democrats and liberals are calling us all racist - it just continues to show their transparency and ignorance. Call me what you will, frankly I don't give a darn!

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff claims that illegal immigration can be resolved in a year and all illegals deported. I don't care what it takes, just do your job and protect American citizens. We're sick and tired of taking a back seat. Let charity finally begin at home.

- Debi Ortagus

Sugar Hill

Gun makers should not have exemption

I oppose the gun manufacturers' liability exemption. They are responsible for injuries and deaths caused by the weapons they produce.

- Patricia Young