Riverdale looking to resolve undelivered tax bills

From Staff Reports

Riverdale property tax bills are due Nov. 16, but the city's financial director says property owners who have failed to receive their bills should contact the city to avoid late fees and penalties.

Riverdale Finance Director Tom Pence said 2005 tax bills were mailed on September 16th. But if a bill has not been received, the property owner should contact the city finance office to obtain the amount due before the November 16 deadline.

Pence warned that failure to have received a tax bill in the mail will not cause late charges and penalties to be waived if the bill is not paid after the deadline.

Approximately 200 bills have been returned because of outdated addresses. Riverdale has worked with the local post offices to ensure addresses are accurate and has re-mailed many bills but some bills remain undeliverable with addresses on file, Pence said.

New property owners should remember that tax bills are mailed to the owner of record as of Jan 1 each year. If the new owner was made responsible for payment of the tax bill at closing, then they must make sure the bill is paid by the due date-even though they may not receive the bill in the mail. If on the other hand, you received a bill on property you have sold and are no longer responsible for the tax payment, then simply forward the bill to the new owner.

If you pay through an escrow account with a mortgage company, forward the bill to the mortgage company. All questions should be directed to the finance office located at 782 Orme Street in Riverdale, across from the City Hall or call 770-997-8989, extension 128.