Letters to the Editor

To the editor:

I have been silent for too long. It is now time for me to get my two cents worth in. When code violations are used by our city government in Jonesboro to single out citizens that have different political views and that support candidates that have political stances contrary to that of the Mayor and City Manager, while ignoring those that agree with them politically, I feel compelled to speak out.

Recently, I was cited by the code enforcement officer for having a truck parked on the grass in front of my house that had a political candidates sign that the mayor does not support. A letter was left on my door detailing the violations and the consequences if I continued this practice. (I am sure the fact that I live on North Avenue across from city hall had nothing to do with this citation.)

I have no problem complying with all city codes and ordinances as long as they are enforced uniformly. After a brief stroll along my neighborhood, I realized this was not the case. I observed numerous violations of the same nature, none of which had received citation notices.

Selective code enforcement is not something our city government should engage in, nor is it something our citizens should tolerate. When the Mayor denies any involvement with such selective code enforcement, this presents an even greater concern.

My understanding of our city government is that the Mayor is, in effect, the chief executive officer of our city and is therefore ultimately responsible for all city employees. By denying any knowledge of what is happening, she is admitting she is no longer in control of the management of our city.

We have city council elections on November 8. This will allow the citizens that care about the future of Jonesboro to reclaim some control of our government if the right candidates are elected.

That is why I strongly support Mann, Maddox, Yonce, and Wiggins as the candidates to bring respectability back to our fair city and strongly urge that everyone that is concerned about the future of Jonesboro support these candidates.

Remember, a vote for all four of these candidates will return the power of governing to the people.