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Fried fish gets the best of me - Justin Boron

I walked the plank and never felt closer to a heart attack.

The serpent in paradise - Ed Brock

The snake had made it half way up the staircase that led from the ocean to the stone pavilion that supported the small caf– at which he had been drinking.

Anderson Cooper-izing community journalism - Rob Felt

In an effort to bring community journalism up to pace with the newest trend in cable news coverage, I'd like to offer my own Anderson Cooper-ized take on a day here at the paper.

Letters to the Editor

Party-less and proud

Stuck in traffic while the bureaucrats ignore you - Bob Paslay

I left work last Friday and headed back to midtown Atlanta on the surface roads and thought I would cut by the Turner Field and come in that way. But since I don't wear a watch or think about such things, little did I know the game was just over and I found myself in the center of baseball traffic.

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'Energy' tax break begins on Thursday

By Michael Davis

Riverdale ranked in AP state football poll

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October 5, 2005

Getting a haircut and going home - Michael Davis

I went back to my childhood barbershop recently and I've got to say some things have changed.

Vague memories, lessons learned make better stories - Johnny Jackson

Vague memory serves some Atlanta Braves fans about their milestones. And their recollections get better as years pass.

Pets of the Week

September 29, 2005

Area church group delivers relief

Editor's note: Daily Herald staff writer Michael Davis spent three days and two nights over the past weekend with missionaries from four area churches on a relief trip to the devastated Mississippi Gulf Coast. But, as it turned out, the supplies were needed most in Meridian, Miss., where a church-run resource center had run out of supplies.

Clayton cop almost hit head on in chase

By Ed Brock

Aghast at soaring prices - Chris Goltermann

The feeling was like being at auction, watching your most prized item slowly float out of range of your wallet.

Living with a sports curse

By Brian Howard

No discernible settlement reached in Hill case

By Justin Boron