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Celebrating the "Festival of the Nine Nights"

By Ed Brock

Big Brother is watching, listening and who knows what else? - Bob Paslay

I am not a big fan of conspiracy theories and doomsday predictions. I know it is fashionable to believe we are all going downhill into a police state, that all business is conspiring to get us, that there is a global conspiracy to stamp bar codes on all our foreheads and sell us to little green people on Mars. Or some such nonsense.

The serpent in paradise - Ed Brock

The snake had made it half way up the staircase that led from the ocean to the stone pavilion that supported the small caf– at which he had been drinking.

Don't drink and ... bid - Rob Felt

Silent auctions for charity are a great way to bring people to an event while keeping them entertained and raising money for a good cause at the same time. Throw a wine tasting into the equation and things become even more interesting.

The Battle of Jonesboro: Reliving history

By Justin Boron

Road to speedway to open Monday

By Michael Davis

Ex-military sought as teachers

By Johnny Jackson

Fried fish gets the best of me - Justin Boron

I walked the plank and never felt closer to a heart attack.

Eating something that doesn't agree with you - Michael Davis

Did you see the one about the snake and the alligator?

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Take responsibility for actions

Pets of the Week

Nigel is black and white domestic shorthair. He was born on March 12, 2005. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Nigel and his littermates were born on the counter at a local animal control, as their "caretaker" was signing paperwork to have the entire group destroyed. Luckily, a humane society volunteer was there to witness what was happening, and the little family was brought to Clayton County Humane Society. Nigel has been handraised by the staff at the shelter, and is a wonderful cat. He loves people and he totally enjoys the company of the other cats at the shelter. For more information, please call Clayton County Humane Society at (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

Aghast at soaring prices - Chris Goltermann

The feeling was like being at auction, watching your most prized item slowly float out of range of your wallet.

Starting with simple, uncomplicated music - Johnny Jackson

Sometimes little boys prefer to play with their 50-cent yard-sale tambourines as opposed to playing their $200 keyboards and guitars. There is something about the inexpensive entertainment that trumps luxury.

James T. ”Jim“ Jackson

Mr. James T. ”Jim“ Jackson, age 46, of Jones Road, McDonough, passed away Thursday, Oct. 6, 2005 at his residence. He was born August 14, 1959 in Wichita, Kan. to Jack Jackson and Carol Masterson Jackson. Mr Jackson worked in directional boring and was an avid hunter and fisherman. Mr Jackson was preceded in death by his brother, Jeff Jackson.

Clayton County Football

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Uncle arrested in nephew's shooting

By Ed Brock

Greater St. Peter Christian Academy of Excellence closes

By Johnny Jackson

Jeweler shoots assailant

By Ed Brock