Letters to the Editor

School, community was disrespected

In the Sept. 1 edition of the Gwinnett Daily Post, there is a letter ("Students' display at game was shameful") making false statements about the Mill Creek faculty and community.

At all high school football games, many students paint their chests to support for their teams. Last year, our community was shown great disrespect by Apalachee's home crowd, mostly from the student body.

This year as well, a couple of the band members from Apalachee walked past the Mill Creek student sections raising their middle fingers to the crowd, and this created an uproar amongst the Mill Creek students. All the actions that Mill Creek took were meant to show team spirit and encourage our football team to do well.

- Drew Fraser, Tyler Walton, Matt McNeese and Spencer Hanson

Mill Creek seniors

Mother Nature shows us up again

Well, the No. 1 terrorist on the face of the earth, Mother Nature, has once again shown us what amateurs we mortals are in the art of total destruction, nuclear devices not withstanding.

If only we could one day realize how tenuous our hold to life on this planet really is, we might just come to understand the folly of hastening our exit in wars that nobody seems to win in the end, even when they seem like a good idea at the time.

Bear in mind that Katrina, unlike her human terrorists counterparts, was oblivious to any homeland security measures and her victims can never be avenged.

- George Morin