New building to spruce up Lovejoy center

By Justin Boron

Tara Boulevard is where everything's at for Lovejoy residents. A recent wave of growth in the city has centered around the major thoroughfare, producing a cluster of businesses for shopping, gas, restaurants, and groceries.

But there's more to develop in the town than just Tara Boulevard, at least that's what some city officials are hoping.

Largely left out of the commercial explosion has been the main drag through the town's center, Hastings Bridge Road. The corridor's aesthetics aren't much to sing about, with a garbage dump nearby and the former county jail as the most prominent building on the road.

A gas station, a laundry mat, and a few other construction-related businesses are the only other commercial elements in the area where City Hall is.

But city officials hope the demolition of an old factory will change that and liven up the town's center.

Lovejoy City Councilman Bobby Cartwright said the factory next to the Conoco Gas Station was "an eyesore in the center of town."

Demolition has already begun on the building that for a long time sat in foreclosure, said Cartwright, whose company Mr. Happy is doing the demolition.

In place of the dilapidated building, Lovejoy Mayor Joe Murphy said, will likely be a stucco and brick building that could support retail and office space.