Letters to the Editor

August 8, 2005


Councilman should abstain on

big issues

To the editor:

It is pretty much common knowledge that Jonesboro City Councilman "Rip" Sewell is no longer residing permanently in the City of Jonesboro. It is very well known that he is spending the majority of his time in his new residence, purported to be in Ola, a community in Henry County. While he insists he is maintaining a residence in Jonesboro, we all know this is a sham.

If he had a shred of decency, he would do the right thing and resign his position on the Jonesboro City Council. It is an atrocity that he continues to vote on important matters such as zoning and taxation when he is aware that as soon as his house in Jonesboro sells, he will make his move permanent, and will not be personally affected by his voting decisions.

While he may be conforming to the letter of the law, he is certainly morally and ethically wrong to keep voting on these matters. If he is insistent on remaining on he council strictly for monetary reasons, he should at least abstain from voting on current issues.

For the mayor and other council members to have any credibility with the citizens, they should insist that he either resign or at least abstain from voting on key issues that will have long-term consequences for the citizens.