Letters to the Editor

Time for a change in Washington

The Republican Party has failed, and it has failed big time.

The president and Congress are so out of touch with the American people that they cannot govern anymore. In a free and open society, when the government and the people it governs have two very different lists of priorities, the government must be changed.

President Bush either would not or could not get help to Americans trapped in New Orleans by a flood. The speaker of the House of Representatives believes we do not have the resources to rebuild New Orleans, but we do have the resources to rebuild Iraq.

The president could not find enough troops to drive buses and trucks to get Americans to safety after the flood but has 140,000 men in Iraq to make it safe for Iraqis.

The president does not have the troops to secure our borders but has enough troops to secure the Iraq border.

The president and the Congress can spend over $200 billion on Iraq but could not find enough money to make New Orleans safe from this flood.

The president and the Congress did not know about all the Americans trapped at the convention center in New Orleans but do know they must help illegal immigrants by printing all government documents in Spanish.

The president could not find the time or money to get the Navy into the Gulf of Mexico to help out starving Americans in Mississippi but had time for a photo op with a couple of kids in Biloxi.

Why wasn't the National Guard put on alert before the storm hit Biloxi and New Orleans? Because they are in Iraq protecting corporate oil interests - the same corporations that are reaping huge profits from the artificially high price of oil.

The Republicans, led by President Bush, ran on a ticket of family values. Whose family? Yours? Mine? In my household we help family first and those Americans in New Orleans (regardless of their skin color or economic standing) are our family. Not the Iraqis, not the illegal immigrants sneaking into the United States and not big oil interests.

On Election Day we must remember what we were promised by the president and members of Congress. We must remember that everything they promised was a lie. We must vote them all out of office.

- Fred Budin