Incumbent officials in Clayton County pick up opponents

By Justin Boron

As filings closed this week for city council seats in five cities in Clayton County, incumbents picked up opposition.

The only city with a mayor's race is Forest Park and incumbent Chuck Hall picked up two opponents. Besides challenges to incumbent council members there there are also challenges in Jonesboro, Lake City, Riverdale and Morrow.

In Jonesboro which has been rocked with controversy over the elimination of its fire department that caused one group to call for the removal of the mayor and city manager, four seats are up for election. One is an open seat after a vacancy occurred on the council and that seat is being filled at the same time as the regular three seats were up for election. Two Riverdale incumbents both picked up opponents. In Lake City, five a vying for two spots. One incumbent is running and one is an open seat.

Forest Park

Forest Park has the mayor, Ward 1, and Ward 2 city council seats up for election.

The following candidates qualified to run for mayor.

Corine C. Deyton resides at 4251 and is retired.

Incumbent Charles "Chuck" Hall resides at 636 Virginia Circle and is the mayor.

Darnell Moorer resides at 4709 Ruby Lane and is a Fulton County Emergency Services Supervisor.

The following candidates qualified to run for the Ward 1 city council seat.

Sparkle K. Adams resides at 477 Evergreen Drive and works for the postal inspection service.

Incumbent Henry H. Estes resides at 558 North Ave. and is retired.

David Rashmir resides at 747 Scott Road and is a manager.

The following candidates qualified to run for Ward 2 city council seat.

Frank W. Brandon resides at 4748 City View Drive and is a history lecturer at Clayton State University.

Incumbent Debbie Youmans resides at 4715 Tanglewood Lane and is a small business owner/medical transport resources.


n Jonesboro has three at-large city council seats with four year terms open. The top three vote-getters will win the three seats. The following candidates qualified.

Luther Maddox resides at 106 Woodhaven Drive and is a semi-retired consultant.

Clarence Mann resides at 108 Evenview Drive and is an exterminator.

Incumbent Yvette McDonald resides 183 Dean St. and is a college administrator

Incumbent Wallace Norrington resides at 181 West Mill St. and is retired U.S. Postal Service.

Pamela Scott resides at 408 N. McDonough St. and works in the Clayton County Juvenile Court.

Incumbent Rick Yonce resides at 130 Burnside St. and is disabled.

n Jonesboro also has one council seat open with a two-year term. This election was forced after Councilman Clifford "Rip" Sewell sold his home and reigned. The following candidates qualified for that seat:

Bobby Wiggins resides at 106 W. Mimosa Drive and is retired.

Danny Windom resides at 214 N. McDonough St. and is a locksmith.


Riverdale has open Ward 1 and Ward 3 council seats.

The following candidates qualified in Ward 1.

Incumbent Oritha (Rick) Scoggins resides at 1183 King Road and is a real estate agent.

Cynthia Stamps-Jones resides at 1032 Ascot Court and is a school counselor.

The following candidates qualified in Ward 3.

Stephanie Campbell resides at 8182 Valley Bluff and is a project coordinator.

Incumbent Wanda Wallace resides at 159 Horseshoe Bend and is a consultant.

Lake City and Morrow closed the qualification period for the November 8 city elections on Wednesday.

Lake City

Lake City has open two at-large city council seats. The top two vote-getters will win the two seats.

Roy Dunn, 73, is a school bus driver retired from the United States Air Force. Dunn resides at 1633 Dellwood Circle and has lived in the city for 33 years.

Ray Johnson, 61, is an owner of a cleaning company. Johnson has lived in the city for 31 years.

Yvonne W. Kelly, 66, is a management analyst. Kelly resides at 5416 Wahsega Way and has lived in the city for 33 years.

Dave "Devadas" Lynton, 44, is a juvenile court officer. Lynton resides at 913 Laurel St. and has lived in the city for 13 years.

Incumbent John J.B. Sowell, 76, is a retired Ford Motor Co. employee. Sowell resides at 1162 Helen St. and has lived in the city for 40 years.

Nellie J. Ward, 43, is a funeral director. Ward resides at 1661 Joy Lake Road and has lived in the city for five years.


In Morrow, three candidates applied for qualification for city council seats. Two seats are up for grabs and the two top vote-getters will win.

Dorothy Brandon, 69, is retired. Brandon resides at 1832 Candlelight Court and has lived in Clayton County for nearly seven years.

Incumbent C. R. Bob Huie, 73, is retired. Huie resides at 5907 Reynolds Road and has lived in Clayton County for 31 years.

Incumbent Virlyn Slaton, 72, is a real estate broker and insurance agent. Slaton resides at 6106 Navaho Trail and has lived in Clayton County for 45 years.