Letters to the Editor

September 14, 2005

Comments on the hurricane aftermath

To the editor:

I am totally in support of the Katrina victims who are in need and deserving of help. I do not support looters, persons who shoot at assistance workers, or those who do not do the basic preparation for emergencies.

Those who could not leave the area, without transportation, could have at least had the foresight to fill containers with water and obtain baby food - enough to sustain them for four or five days.

I do not support able-bodied people who have been protected by a welfare system from birth. They expected help to be there because it always has been there. And when it did not arrive immediately, they blamed the president, not the mayor or the governor.

I was born in a poor country. Our "welfare system" was our friends and neighbors. When a crisis came and there were many (hurricanes, tornadoes, widespread disease and famine) we did not look to a central government for help.

It is easy to blame the president and not accept responsibility for our own lack of action. This president led us through the tragedy of 9/11 and is leading us through the war against terrorism. Our last president avoided the inevitable battle with Osama Bin Laden and provided token response to act of terrorism thus encouraging the acts of 9/11. He was too busy committing immoral acts with an intern.

A welfare system designed to provide a bottom line has become a crutch for those who can walk. I do not have a lengthy formal education, but I was taught from birth that I am responsible for my actions and not to depend on others.

Nga Bolia


Disgusted with

Katrina coverage

To the editor:

I am disgusted with the media coverage of the devastating effects Hurricane Katrina had on the Gulf Coast. It's finger pointing as to who is to blame for the lack of aid. I mean we have some well-to-do politicians and their kin stating the Hurricane was the president's fault. How idiotic can that statement be? I guess that the hurricanes that hit the U.S. coastline for the last 200 plus years or so should all be blamed on the president of the U.S. Anyone with just half a brain knows that man cannot and does not control the weather. If he could we would never have any tornadoes, ferocious lightning strikes, blizzards, earthquakes, etc. These are all acts of nature (God). We can predict but not control the weather. In some cases, even with all of the technology of today we don't do a great job in predicting the weather.

I also would like to comment on the lack of aid coming from the United Nations and our so-called allies - France, Germany, Italy, etc. If I remember correctly, after the tragedy that occurred in Indonesia, Thailand, Sri Lanka Sumatra, India and other countries back in December 2004, the Undersecretary General for Humanitarian Affairs of the United Nations state that the United States was being stingy. Well, I would like to know what the United Nations is doing to assist in our disaster. So far as I know - nothing. They are probably wondering when they will receive the next due payment.

Also, everyone in the media is stating that there was a lack of planning prior to Katrina hitting, but as we all know you can write a book on how things should be done when disaster strikes (call it a battle plan if you will) but you basically throw it out when the battle starts. I do believe that we will recover from this disaster and it will make us a stronger nation.

Robert J. Williamson