Letters to the Editor

Be proud of senator

As a citizen of Rome, Ga., I am writing to give praise to your Sen. Curt Thompson of Norcross. He is one of a very few statewide who will answer e-mails or letters. He is a wonderful person to be representing our state.

In Rome, my own senator will not talk to his voters and does not seem to care. I must praise Sen. Thompson for helping me when my own senator will not.

Sen. Thompson will help anyone he can. This is so rare in politics today. Listening to the people you represent is what the job is all about. I only wish there were more like him to spread around our state.

I cannot thank him enough for helping me, when my own senator would not. He is an outstanding senator and I wish he represented my district.

Thank you, Sen. Thompson, for all your help and support.

- Carol Peek


Prescription plan offers no benefit

I read with interest and growing disdain the article on President Bush's new prescription plan. In the article President Bush said that senior citizens don't have to change from their current drug plan.

Of course, we seniors will have to change. We will have no choice, and it will cost many of us more money.

This plan is being touted as a "save-all." Nothing is further from the truth. A lot of us retirees will have to pay a lot more when our respective companies stop offering their plan and force us to go under President Bush's plan. If the government is going to offer a plan, why should a private company continue to spend money on their plan?

The main people to benefit from this new prescription plan are the drug manufacturers and the big companies like mine.

- Shirley Douglas


Thanks to firefighters

Recently I was jolted awake at 5 a.m. by the piercing sound of my smoke alarm. After sniffing a few times, checking all the rooms, going outside to check for smoke or flames, I tried to turn off the alarm. Nothing I did stopped the deafening sound.

In desperation I decided to call 911 and explain my plight. The lady who answered was most gracious as I explained my circumstance.

Within five minutes, a fire truck was at my door and the firemen soon quieted the noise, caused by a defective detector. The three gentlemen were most kind, courteous and thoughtful, leaving a smoke alarm to use until I could replace the defective one.

I wish to personally thank these firemen and say how fortunate the citizens of Gwinnett County are to have such dedicated servants attending our needs.

- Elizabeth Welden