Letters to the Editor

Board of Education refuses to budge

Our arrogantly stubborn Gwinnett County school board refuses to bow to public pressure by declaring it will continue to buy land in secret without public input and discussion. This leaves them in a decisive minority of two county school boards in the entire metro area to continue to do this. Worse yet, our Board of Commissioners is the only one in the metro area that hasn't adopted a common-sense approach such as negotiating an option in secret followed by open public discussion and open commission voting. A cut-out real estate agent can be used to conceal the purchaser's identity if price gouging could be a problem.

Had the school board used the option approach, I don't think we would today have a public school sandwiched between two garbage dumps. If the board members persist in their secret approach, which can foster corruption, I suggest concerned citizens vote their disgust at school board elections and school one-cent sales tax referendums by voting them all down.

If the option method of land purchasing is in any way defective, let some school board member enlighten us in the unwashed herd just why this is so.

Lastly, I stand ready to make a contribution to the Concerned Citizens Committee aimed at a court action to defang the school board. If only a concerned real estate attorney will come forward to pro bono represent concerned citizens, the latter could pledge to pay the court costs involved. Is anyone ready to run with this idea?

- Jay Wagner

Stone Mountain

High-rises call for careful consideration

Bravo to the County Planning Department for finally considering 25-story high-rises in Gwinnett ("Rules on high-rises drawn up," Sept. 18). But wait they say they can go where intense development has occurred such as Peachtree Industrial Boulevard from the DeKalb line to Holcomb Bridge Road.

What's wrong with this picture? Anyone interested in buying into a high-rise doesn't want to walk outside the front door and be met by a bunch of thugs. A person wants to be able to walk to a major grocery store, a major drug store and an assortment of good restaurants. You won't find any of these amenities along this section of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard.

Why not let Charlie Roberts put up three towers on his tract of land, which is across from The Forum on Peachtree Parkway? There would be a major grocery store, a drug store, plenty of restaurants, shopping and a YMCA all within walking distance. GRTA now sends a bus to and from MARTA to Johns Creek several times a day along Ga. Highway 141. This would be a convenient location.

I'm not sure everyone has the same interpretation of "activity center." I'm looking forward to the public hearings to see how this will all sort out particularly for the Peachtree Corners area.

- Ron Shook

Peachtree Corners