Letters to the Editor

Shame on feds for disgraceful response

Recently, I tearfully took down my American flag that has been so proudly on display since Sept. 11, 2001. I am that ashamed of our federal government's evident incompetence and lack of concern for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Our government's response has been for the most part too little, too late, mostly for the elderly and the handicapped. Even the late response from the president has been reluctantly given, when the fury of many Americans outside the affected areas finally forced a response. Why is there so little concern for the lives and safety of the areas and these American citizens?

There is such a depth of anger and outright rage among many people I have talked with, both black and white, that I fear civil unrest is a real possibility.

Don't get me wrong, I am not disgusted with the American people. They have been awesome in their quick response to this emergency. The people who evacuated to Gwinnett County that I have met are also great people. My new heroes are the early providers of rescue in the New Orleans area, the Coast Guard and FEMA rescue teams, the local police and fire personnel in New Orleans, and medical personnel, especially in the hospitals.

Another organization of professionals who have done such a wonderful job are the members of the different news gatherers especially CNN.

Mr. President, Mr. Vice President, you should do the honorable thing and resign now, and take Karl Rove, Pat Robertson and their likes with you.

I will proudly fly my flag again when we have a new government in Washington, D.C.

- Patricia Ann Pickering


Storm should act as wake-up call for all

With the recent storm tragedy, we can clearly see just how unprepared we truly are in case of a disaster whether it be natural or man-made. The storms hit on a Monday and with each passing day, things went from bad to worse. By Thursday, thousands were still without food, water or shelter. The rescuers were also working without food, water and sleep. News reports described it as Baghdad on water.

Floating bodies of humans and animals spread disease with each passing day. Toxic waste from the many petrochemical plants, plastic production facilities and other heavy industries added to the toxic soupy waters. In New Orleans, there are many toxic sites.

What the heck has been done with all that money supposedly pumped into Homeland Security? This was a predictable and trackable storm. We knew the city of New Orleans would more than likely be under water once the storm hit. Why did it take so long for federal help?

We can understand that travel by land is difficult, but why were there not been any air-drops made in the areas where help is most needed? We have all heard the promises of the supplies being on their way. But nothing appeared four days after the storm hit.

We need action. Federal action. Groups like the Red Cross cannot do it all. The whole world now knows just how unprepared we truly are. This should be a wake-up call for all Americans.

- Eileen Stewart

Flowery Branch