Letters to the Editor

Why can't we capture terrorist leaders?

The 160 civilians in Iraq who were blown to bits by insurgents certainly paid a high price for their "freedom."

And one wonders why scum like al-Qaida leader al-Zarqawi is still operating from wherever he pleases and continuing to put out in-your-face videos of his rabid rantings with obvious impunity. I cannot help but wonder why this country, the acknowledged leader of the free world and the most powerful nation on earth appears helpless in the capturing or elimination of this murderous creep. The same applies to our inability to take out Osama, who flits from place to place with his entourage of cronies with apparent fearlessness and arrogance.

President Theodore Roosevelt once said in dealing with our enemies, to "speak softly and carry a big stick." In regards to dealing with men like al-Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden, we seem to be speaking loudly with no stick. China once called the United States a paper tiger during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We proved China wrong then, but these are different times under different leadership.

We had no problem rushing to war in Iraq while at the same time vowing to bring the likes of Osama to justice, "dead or alive." Those who believe that one out of two ain't bad need to remember that it was Bin Laden who got this whole thing started when he orchestrated the attack on the twin towers. Why is this fanatic and his underling al-Zarqawi still walking the green earth and where is James Bond when we need him?

- George Morin


Delta needs support, not negative coverage

If Delta Air Lines does not succeed in their reorganization, you can pat yourself on the back along with other so-called expert soothsayers such as Edward Hashbrouck as a contributor to their demise ("Will Delta be ready when you are?" Business, Sept. 16).

At a time like this, they need all the encouragement they can get. There are a lot of people whose lives will be affected if this company goes down. So why don't you write something that is positive and not negative?

- Virginia Iredell


Cindy Sheehan has

the right to protest

Cindy Sheehan has just as much right to protest on public land as you have to write your opinions. ("It's time for Sheehan to stop protest for good of the country," To the Editor, Sept. 5.)

- Pat Dozier