So this is the fall? - Michael Davis

It's fall. Well, it started Thursday anyway.

But it's still hot which is getting me a little hot. I thought that it would be a littler crisper in the mornings than it is. I thought we'd start to get a little relief from the sticky, oppressive humidity. But we're not, not yet anyway.

Don't get me wrong – I didn't think it would be like flipping a switch. I understand that seasonal changes happen gradually and become more apparent as time goes on.

But I want some fall darnit.

I want to have to put an extra blanket on the bed. I want to have to wipe the leaves off my car before I get in. I want to see that bright-red sunset streak the clouds in a brilliant glow. It should be time to shut the air conditioner off already.

Fall conjures memories for a lot of people. It's harvest time, time for festivals. It's time to begin settling in for winter and other hunkering down procedures.

It's also time for new TV serieses, and season premieres. It's time we look back and think about what we've done all year and take stock. We've only got a few more months in this one, and these months move pretty fast. We've got to get everything we said we were going to do in January in before time runs out.

A lot of people think of fall as a time when everything dies, or becomes dormant. The leaves fall off and the sap runs down, but a lot of life happens in the fall.

We reconnect with our families over the holidays, and perhaps our neighbors when their kids come over to our houses looking for candy during that crazy night at the end of October.

I think of fall as a time dig the cobwebs out from around the house, and an opportunity to wear a nice coat and hat. Men should wear more hats.

I found out recently that it was likely John F. Kennedy's fault that men don't wear them anymore. He showed up at his inauguration in 1961 bare-headed and fedoras have been out of style ever since. And I blame Kennedy.

But maybe it's not all his fault. Hat companies could do a bit better job marketing their products or placing them on the heads of movie actors. I recently read about an author who was paid some unknown sum of money to place a brand-name product in her book. Hat companies could do the same thing.

Maybe it could be part of a fall advertising campaign.

Michael Davis covers government for the Daily Herald. His column appears on Fridays. He can be reached at (770) 957-9161 or via e-mail at mdavis@henryherald.com .