New road may alleviate traffic, spur development

By Justin Boron

Clayton County development officials say they expect a recently extended east-west corridor near Interstate 75 to alleviate the traffic jams at intersections in Mt. Zion and make a large portion of undeveloped property viable enough to support another big box retail development.

The $1.3 million widening and extension of Richardson Parkway on the county's east side has created a through road from Mt. Zion Boulevard to Mt. Zion Road. The parkway, which is named after former county director of public works Steve Richardson, used to be a dead end near the cluster of car dealerships on the east side of the freeway on Mt. Zion Boulevard.

Now, it runs underneath the freeway and lends access to a large portion of undeveloped property.

Emory Brock, director of economic development, said the road provides enough connectivity to fit in another big box development behind the Lowes Home Improvement store.

"There is room enough there to do some significant development," he said.

The road also means drivers coming west on Mt. Zion Boulevard can avoid the often congested intersections on the west side of I-75.

Eventually, the new road may convey some relief to the confusion in having roads named Mt. Zion.

Wayne Patterson, the director of transportation and development, said Richardson Parkway may be widened to eliminate one of the Mt. Zions.