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A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another - Aisha I. Jefferson

I really want to be a better person.

Katrina won't kill Big Easy - Ed Brock

They're parading through the French Quarter already.

A city changed? Maybe not - Justin Boron

I agreed with a lot of people in New Orleans who said it wouldn't ever happen – that a massive "hurricane would come right up the mouth of the river," as my friend from New Orleans said. Maybe, the reason I agreed with them was just denial. I had grown to love the city so much that I didn't want to fathom the idea of it being destroyed.

At our best - and worst - after the storm - Bob Paslay

My soul soared like an eagle and then suddenly crashed and began to bleed. I saw the stories of people opening their hearts to help the devastated families after Hurricane Katrina ripped the coast apart. And then I saw the ugly face of darkness, the looting, people taking what they could from liquor to appliances, pushing along carts of stolen items through the flooded streets of New Orleans.

Internet communications more vital than ever - Rob Felt

In our age of a shrinking globe and a growing dependence on technology there are those who fear a small, uniform world and a massive computer crash.

A simple way of life is gone - Shannon Jenkins

People are often surprised when I describe the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Spread the love ... don't forget the ketchup - Michael Davis

Some would say "food group," but it still flavors, enhances and texturizes some of our other favorite foods.

Letters to the Editor

Gwinnett library cardholders can access audiobooks

Mega relief center expected to open this week in area

By Justin Boron

Pets of the Week

Bonsai is a one year old, chocolate point Siamese. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. Bonsai's time had run out at Animal Control when the humane society found this beautiful boy. He is a sleek, gorgeous example of the Siamese breed. He is extremely quiet and mild mannered, and loves being around people. He does not mingle with other cats at the shelter, but he does tolerate their presence with no problem. For more information about how to adopt Bonsai, please call Clayton County Humane Society (770) 471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

Kicker finally getting respect

By Brian Howard

Southern Crescent is springboard for pro athletes

By Doug Gorman

'Summer HEAT' very busy in Clayton County

By Ed Brock

Wildlife lives in backyard of Riverdale residents

By Justin Boron

Clayton County gas prices dropping some

By Justin Boron

Jackson attends prayer vigil in Clayton County

By Johnny Jackson

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September 8, 2005

The best and worst of humanity - Johnny Jackson

The best and worst in humanity are necessary compliments. Rather the best and worst of humanity effectively compliment each other.