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The life of a Sea-Monkey - Joel Hall

About two weeks ago, I did something that I do quite often while driving - I turned into a store that I have never been in before just for the fun of it.

I'm dreaming a nice, little vacation - Curt Yeomans

This exhaustive heat wave we're going through has me thinking of something.

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Obituaries 08-14-07

Michael Cavallin

Obituaries 08-11/12-07

Douglas Frank Johnson

Pets of the Week - August 9, 2007

Sierra is blue cream tortie, domestic shorthair. She is approximately 3 years old, and she has been spayed and fully vaccinated. Sierra was confiscated and taken to Animal Control when her former family was evicted from their home. They said that they would reclaim Sierra, but that did not happen and Sierra was slated for the county gas chamber. CCHS rescued Sierra and she became a resident at the CCHS shelter. Sierra has spent most of her short life living at the shelter, and would desperately love to have a real home and family. She is friendly and outgoing, and does very well with other cats. For more information, please call Robin at 770/478-7531. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

The Beat: It was enough just to be there - Daniel Silliman

It's not like the house is gone. It's not like it's finally crumbled to the ground, burned down or been destroyed by one last college party.


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Local teen artist wins prestigious award

By Joel Hall

If you could bring something back to life - Jaya Franklin

I was watching television recently and, of course, the same boring previews for reality shows were shown back to back, along with corny commercials about everything from cat food to shampoo. But in the midst of all the pointless previews and commercials, something caught my attention. I heard an announcer ask: "If you could touch something and bring it back to life, what would it be?"

Obituaries 08-08-07

Joey Limbaugh

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Obituaries 08-10-07

Clarence C. Tumlin

Obituaries 08-09-07

Rachel Ussery Parker

Theater professor wins community service award

By Joel Hall


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Summer sun a danger to family pets

By Joel Hall