If you could bring something back to life - Jaya Franklin

I was watching television recently and, of course, the same boring previews for reality shows were shown back to back, along with corny commercials about everything from cat food to shampoo. But in the midst of all the pointless previews and commercials, something caught my attention. I heard an announcer ask: "If you could touch something and bring it back to life, what would it be?"

I thought that was pretty interesting. I mean just the thought of having the power to bring something back to life is amazing in itself.

The first idea that came to mind, was that I would go around the world and touch all of the deceased people who have made a difference in this world and bring them back to life. I would start with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I'm sure he would have a couple of things to say about America today. I think he would be surprised that although Americans have progressed in a lot of ways, we're still the same in others. Take, for example, racial discrimination. It's not as prevalent as it was back in the '60s, but it still exists.

I think the discrimination practiced in 2007 wears a different face. It is unfamiliar to some people, but no matter which way you look at it, it's still all the same.

I would touch all the people who died due to someone else's carelessness and people who have lost their lives due to some sort of illness.

When it comes to my family, I would touch my father, great-grandmother, great-grandfather and my mother's father. I would bring my father back to life because his life ended too soon. I still have a lot of questions for him and I want him to be able to experience life as a grandfather. When I was younger, I was never in a hurry to do things with my father, or to talk to him about serious issues, because I thought he would always be right there at my service.

So when he passed away, it was heartbreaking. I spent a lot of time with my great-grandparents but now that I'm older, there are a lot of things they could teach me regarding life and making the right decisions. I never knew my mother's father and I would love to get to know him. From what she has told me, he was a pretty great person.

But if I had the option of bringing a thing to life, I would touch a record from the 1970s or '80s with the hope that it would bring back good, soulful music. Music, today, is OK but it could be a lot better. Older people always comment on how things have changed so much, and how the younger generation is unaware of what good music is really all about. I think it would be pretty interesting to experience a different time period and then come back to 2007 and compare the two.

I wonder if the experience would lead me to re-evaluate the way that I live my life today.

Jaya Franklin covers government for the Henry Daily Herald. She can be reached at (770) 957-9161 or via e-mail at jfranklin@henryherald.com.