FBI looking at local lawyer's computer

By Daniel Silliman


A 36-year-old defense attorney is having his computer examined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

While he is under investigation in Clayton County on charges related to an alleged, Internet-relationship with a co-workers' underaged daughter, Robin Meredith "Robbie" Levin's home computer has been turned over to the FBI, authorities said. It is being examined in a procedure which will search for inappropriate e-mails and illegal images.

Clayton County police said they turned the computer over to the federal agency after confirming the computer found in Levin's Atlanta home was the same one they allege was used to e-mail inappropriate pictures of himself and carry on a sexually-themed conversation with the teen.

FBI Spokesman Steven Emmett said the agency can assist the police department by performing a computer forensics exam, which is an "extremely detailed review of the hard drive." Speaking about the procedure, generally, and not about the Levin case, Emmett said the agency will work to "round out" the local department's investigation, and also consider possible federal charges.

"We're looking at everything associated with that computer that you can imagine," he said. "We look at everything on the hard drive. Not only current things that are still there, but deleted things. We have software that can recapture that."

The agency performs computer exams in financial fraud cases and in Internet, child predator cases. There is no time line, for the forensics exam.

Levin is facing two felony and two misdemeanor charges in Clayton's Superior court. Levin, a well known and reportedly well-liked defense attorney, worked cases from the county's Indigent Defense Office, where the alleged victim's mother works.

According to investigators, he began chatting with the 16-year-old girl on Facebook, an online, social-networking site, in September. He allegedly asked her if she was a virgin, asked her "how far she had gone with boys," sent her a picture of himself naked, and talked about teaching her to kiss.

Police arrested Levin on Oct. 23, at a restaurant where he and the underaged girl were, allegedly, supposed to meet for dinner and a movie.

Police have said Levin didn't ask for an attorney, when interviewed by detectives, and confessed to the bulk of their allegations. The case has gone to Clayton County District Attorney's office, and will be brought to a grand jury for indictment.