Man arrested on attempted
robbery allegations

By Daniel Silliman


A 39-year-old man's attempt to rob a dollar store fell apart when he dropped his cell phone and one employee ran from the building, Clayton County Police said.

Officer Kacy Johnson caught Chris Gordon, 39, running down Dale Road, in Rex, away from the Family Dollar, according to Johnson's police report.

Gordon was arrested because he matched the description of the armed robbery suspect given over the officer's radio: a black male, wearing black sweat pants, white shoes, and with a black cell phone.

The store employee, 29-year-old Dakeisha Burton, "identified the suspect by his clothing," according to the police report.

Burton told police she was in the back of the 6521 Dale Road store at about 8 p.m., on Sunday night, when someone walked up behind her and grabbed her hair.

The man gabbed her hair with one hand, pointed a gun at her face with the other, swore at her and told her not to talk, Burton said, according to the police report. The man reportedly pulled her, by the hair, toward the front of the store, but then his intended robbery fell apart.

A second Family Dollar employee, seeing the hostage situation, ran out of the store. Burton was thrown to the floor, according to her report, and the armed robber dropped his black cell phone.

He then ran away, police said.

Capt. Greg Dickens said the suspect never got his hands on any money. Police did not find the gun which was reportedly used in the robbery.

Gordon, a Fairburn man, is being charged with armed robbery, aggravated assault, and weapon possession.