Sagging pants: Are you serious? - Jaya Franklin

This sagging pants episode has gone entirely too far, if you ask me. I mean, true enough, it definitely disgusts me to see a guy with his pants to his ankles and sporting jeans that are three sizes too big for him.

But, some people are really putting too much effort in trying to control youngsters. In many cases, these are the types of things that encourage them to rebel. If kids feel they can't express themselves through their dress, art, writing etc., they may find another way to do so. It may include violence or something illegal. This is what we should be concerned about.

Personally, I really don't like guys with pants as tight as my own, but they don't have to be loose enough for two people to fit into them, either.

I was really shocked to hear about an Atlanta councilman proposing an ordinance to stop kids from wearing sagging pants. I really feel that city officials' hard work and energy could be directed in another area. I mean, just take a look at the news. There are plenty of problems in the United States that definitely need some attention. We have people shooting up malls, churches and schools. I think those incidents are much more important than someone's baggy pants.

Seriously, who is it hurting? Shouldn't it be up to the students' parents to control what they wear? The school system is already swamped with many responsibilities, such as keeping our kids safe. Now, they may have to grill students on their attire. I think this is truly ridiculous.

America is becoming entirely too conformed, although I don't have a preference to see someone's underwear or their baggy pants.

I don't feel that it should be left up to another person to determine the way someone else should dress. Take for example, if a patient walked into a doctor's office with a cowboy hat on his or her head. I don't like cowboy hats. But it's not my responsibility to regulate what that person should be allowed to wear. I feel like this is doing nothing but welcoming a slew of other things to ban -- such as piercings and tattoos.

Sagging pants is such a minimal problem compared to innocent people losing their lives. The proposed ordinance will force more of a responsibility on teachers and principals, basically everyone except the person who is responsible for dressing this way.

A newspaper article said that the school will determine what will be done if a student violates the ordinance. What if some schools decide to suspend students for sagging pants? Then, you will have another problem. Shouldn't our goal be to encourage education, instead of taking away from a student's self-expression?

Jaya Franklin covers government for the Henry Daily Herald. She can be reached via e-mail at jfranklin@henryherald.com.