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Former police officer indicted on molestation charges

By Daniel Silliman

Kenneth Jerome Alexander, a 45-year-old former Jonesboro Police officer and a former body guard for an interim school superintendent, has been indicted on child molestation charges.

Alexander, of Hampton, allegedly inappropriately touched two 14-year-old girls, exposed himself to them, and took pictures of the high schoolers while they were half-clothed, in 2003. He was on duty as a uniformed patrolman at the time of the alleged incident.

"He said he would pay us for sexy pictures," one of the girls wrote in 2004, in a statement obtained by the Clayton News Daily through an open records request. "When he was taking my pants down he put his hand in my pants and touched my privates."

After allegedly taking the pictures of the two teens, at a Jonesboro cement plant between Christmas and New Years, in 2003, Alexander offered the girls money for sex, according to the girls, who are not being named. When they refused, they said, the uniformed police office called them "chicken."

After the incident was made public, in March 2004, Alexander was fired from the Jonesboro Police Department. During the department's internal investigation, obtained by the Clayton News Daily, Alexander claimed nothing had happened, but said one of the girls, whom he knew through her family, had "a crush" on him.

A Clayton County grand jury passed down an indictment late last week, charging Alexander with four counts of child molestation, two counts of enticing a child to have sex, and one count of violating his oath to uphold the law as a police officer.

A Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent, and one of the two alleged victims, now 18, testified against Alexander before the grand jury last week.

The second alleged victim was subpoenaed, but did not appear. Chief Assistant District Attorney Todd Naugle has said it becomes more difficult to prosecute a case after about a year, or a year and a half, because memories fade and witnesses are increasingly difficult to locate.

Naugle and Clayton County District Attorney Jewel Scott defended the delay in the Alexander case, however, saying additional investigation was necessary.

Alexander's defense attorney, Lee Sexton, said he is glad the case has finally been indicted, because now a jury can find him innocent of the charges.

"Ken Alexander never molested any child, and I would be stunned if a jury ever found him guilty of anything," Sexton said. "It's good that they did indict him, if they weren't going to drop the charges, because now we can put an end to it."

Under investigation while the molestation charges were pending, Alexander was not allowed to work as a police officer, according to certification standards. He was given a job, earlier this year, however, as a body guard for the interim superintendent of Clayton County Public Schools, Gloria Duncan. He was later dismissed, when school board members complained about the cost, and the Clayton News Daily looked into his past and the long-pending charges.

Sexton said a jury trial will allow him to cross-examine the accusers, and Alexander "will finally be vindicated."

The grand jury also looked at a rape charge against Alexander last week, but did not indict. Sexton said the allegation was turned up during the molestation investigation, but had no substance.