No leads in cab-driver murder case

By Daniel Silliman


More than a week after a 27-year-old taxi driver was fatally shot in the back of the head, detectives have no solid leads.

There were reportedly no witnesses to the Dec. 9 murder of Juan Rubio-Castro, and no one has come forward with information about the shooting, leaving little for detectives to work with, Clayton County Police Capt. Greg Dickens said.

"We've been trying to reach out to the Hispanic community, on this, through their media," Dickens said. "But, so far, we haven't gotten any help."

Rubio-Castro was killed while driving for Tampico Taxi, his father's cab company, at 3:15 a.m. He was found dead in front of the 800 building of Garden Lake Apartments, on Garden Lake Drive, in Riverdale.

He was about eight miles from home.

Local residents reported hearing muffled noises, but said they hadn't seen anyone leaving the scene, according to Dickens. Police arrived to find Rubio-Castro still buckled into the front seat. The headlights on his 1996 Mercury Villager were turned on, but the car was turned off and the meter wasn't running, according to police reports.

Rubio-Castro was shot in the back of the head and was slumped over the steering wheel, police reports said. A small caliber shell casing was found in the back seat of the cab.

When he was found, Rubio-Castro had cash in his pocket. Detectives don't know if those who shot him simply didn't discover the cash, or if the murder wasn't motivated by money.

Rubio-Castro picked up his last fare at the Coco Lounge in Atlanta. Though the dispatch center didn't know where he was driving, detectives were hoping to find someone who had seen a person or people getting into the Tampico mini van after the bars closed on Sunday morning.

Eight days after the murder, though, all of the potential witnesses who were interviewed claim to have seen nothing.

Police are asking anyone who knows anything about the murder of Rubio-Castro to call Detective Renan Lopez at (770) 477-3781.