Money belonging to 'Aunt Jenny' found

By Jaya Franklin


A McDonough woman, and her daughter, decided to go Christmas shopping at Dollar Tree in McDonough Tuesday night.

The family planned to spend money to purchase gifts, but they didn't think they would find someone else's lost treasure.

"I stepped on a piece of paper on the floor and I thought it was trash," said Alta Shaerer, 56. Shaerer said after she picked up the piece of paper, she noticed that it was actually a bank envelope with money inside.

"At first, I thought the lady in front of me dropped it. When I found out it wasn't hers, I told the clerk," said Shaerer.

Shaerer told the manager about the envelope and left her name and phone number at the store for anyone who may want to claim it.

"I know this is probably a family's Christmas money," said Shaerer.

Shaerer said the writing on the envelope read: "From Aunt Jenny." And it included what Shaerer believes are the names of four children.

The good Samaritan has tried to contact the owner of the money in several different ways.

"I thought about going to the bank, or putting something in the classifieds," said Shaerer.

She said she later thought of putting up a sign in the Dollar Tree store window and contacting the local newspaper.

"The only thing that we can do is put a sign on the door," said Gary Simpson, manager of Dollar Tree. "We haven't done it yet. We've been really busy. But we plan to do it."

Simpson was not the manager on duty when the money was found.

"The manager on duty was Karen Crow," said Simpson. Shaerer gave her contact information to Crow, after finding the money.

Shaerer hopes to find the owner of the money before Christmas, if that doesn't work, she has another idea.

"I plan to donate the money to a Friend's House the first week of January, if it isn't claimed," said Shaerer.

A Friend's House is an emergency shelter for children who are in the custody of the Division of Family and Children Services in McDonough.

To claim the 'Aunt Jenny' lost bank envelope, call Alta Shaerer at (770) 954-0583.