Man found murdered in car crash

By Daniel Silliman


A 22-year-old man was found shot in the face and slumped over in the passenger seat of a wrecked, gold-colored Chevy Impala.

Corey Deandre Robbins was found face-down on the passenger seat of the 2005 Chevy Thursday night. According to the Clayton County Police report, there was a gunshot wound on the left side of his face, and blood covered the inside of the door, his black coat, and the center console.

The car was crashed into a fence at the corner of McFerrin Place and Hayes Drive, in Riverdale, a few blocks south of Southern Regional Medical Center.

Following a lot of leads, and after sorting through conflicting witness statements, detectives are looking for the owner of the Impala, Police spokesman, Capt. Greg Dickens. said Friday.

The original 911 call, made by someone who lives on McFerrin Place, reported a drive-by shooting. Officer K. Strickland responded to the call at about 10:30 p.m., and was flagged down by a woman in a blue, Pontiac Bonneville. The woman, 24-year-old Shante Buckley, led the officer to the scene of the crash, ran up to the car and yelled, "My baby's in the car. Is he OK?"

Strickland looked into the car, but only saw a black jacket and a lot of blood, according to the police report.

Buckley kept yelling, "He's in the car. He's in the car."

Buckley told the officer that the man was her boyfriend. She said Robbins called her, a few minutes earlier, and said he was at a nearby CVS, said he was having an argument, and she should come to the CVS.

While on the phone, Buckley said, she heard gunshots, and rushed to the scene, arriving moments before police did.

The 24-year-old said the Impala didn't belong to Robbins and she didn't know whose car it was.

A witness, however, told police a different story. He said he saw the Impala and another car -- a blue car that looked like Buckley's -- racing, side by side, on Hayes Drive. The gold-colored car and the blue car stopped at the stop sign, the witness said, and then he heard five of six shots fired. The Impala veered off the road, crashing into the fence, and the blue car drove off.

The officer found four shell casings on the street where the witness said he saw the shooting. The officer found three, unexplained bullet holes on the driver's side of the Bonneville.

A local resident repeated the witness' story -- saying she saw two cars, heard guns go off and saw a blue car speeding away -- but the woman told police she was too frightened to fill out a police report.

Robbins, a Morrow man who was living in the Savannah Suites on Tara Boulevard, was taken to Southern Regional Medical Center and pronounced dead at 10:54 p.m.

Detectives Renan Lopez and Steve Rotella took over the investigation at 11 p.m. They are treating Robbin's death as a homicide, and Dickens said they have begun the investigation by looking for the driver of the Impala. They are following a lot of leads, but had not named a suspect by Friday afternoon.

Anyone with informaiton about the homicide, is asked to call the detectives at (770) 477-3781.