Race Trac robbed by masked men

By Daniel Silliman


A Race Trac gas station was held-up with a shotgun, or a rifle, on Ga. Highway 85, according to Clayton County Police.

The 30-year-old clerk, Richard Michael Burkes, of College Park, told police he was working alone at about 5:30 a.m., Thursday, when two men walked in, and one was carrying a long gun.

According to the police report, the first man in the store was carrying the gun, and wearing gray pants, a blue jacket, and with a white, hooded sweat shirt covering his head. He pointed the gun at Burkes and told him to hand over money, Officer Jody M. Turnipseed reported.

Burkes tried to open the cash register, but was nervous and having trouble, he said.

The second man, apparently the "look-out," was wearing black pants, a black-and-red jacket with a cartoon character on the back, and had a camouflage bandana covering his face. He was standing by the door, the clerk said, and then came up to the counter and said, "Hurry up."

Seeing Burkes was having trouble with the register, the second robber asked if he needed to buy something, so the register would open. He picked up a pack of chewing gun, but put it back down when the cash drawer opened.

Turnipseed reported that the clerk put the money -- "no more than $100" -- in a white plastic bag, and handed it over. One man carried the bag and the other man stuck the long gun down his pants leg and they walked out of the store and across the highway. They were headed, Turnipseed said, toward Pembrook Apartments.

A review of the store's surveillance tape showed the two robbers kept their faces covered, the whole time, but weren't wearing gloves and may have left finger prints on the gum, the counter, and other surfaces, Turnipseed wrote in the police report.

Crime Scene Investigators processed the scene and took some merchandise for further tests.

Anyone with information about the robbery, is asked to call the police department tip line at (770) 473-5400.