Theft case against former tourism director bound over

By Jason A. Smith


A former director of the McDonough Hospitality and Tourism Bureau, suspected of taking money from the city's account for personal use, will face a theft charge in Henry County Superior Court.

The case against Leslie Katherine Chrysler, 24, of Covington, was bound over following a probable cause hearing Friday. Chrysler was arrested Thursday by Special Agent David Norman with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The GBI began investigating Chrysler in September, at the request of the McDonough Police Department. McDonough Police Chief Preston Dorsey said police contacted the GBI "to get a neutral agency to assist us in the investigation."

The GBI alleges that Chrysler attempted to use the tourism board's checking account to purchase $6,000 in airline tickets to Hawaii for herself and her boyfriend.

At Friday's hearing, Norman said Chrysler attempted to use two gift certificates, purchased with a portion of those funds, to buy the tickets. He said Chrysler was authorized to write checks for the board, but not to use board money for personal purposes, and that the board provided investigators with a statement to that effect.

In addition to the tickets, Norman said Chrysler used board funds to pay her babysitter.

Chrysler's attorney, Richard Schrade, Jr., said his client has been cooperative with the investigation thus far, and that the case against her lacks sufficient evidence.

"She has great confidence in the justice system, and is certain that justice will be done," he said.

Chrysler is currently free on $10,000 bond.