LG employees give seniors a reason to smile

By Jaya Franklin


A group of Locust Grove city employees has delivered Christmas gifts to 100 of the city's elderly and sick residents for the last 25 years.

This year, employees from the business, police, public works, Better Hometown, and the building departments helped to, either deliver, or put the gift bags together.

The bags included oranges, apples, bananas, grapefruits and candy.

"I could get volunteers to do this, but our departments wanted to do something to show their appreciation," said Locust Grove Mayor Lorene Lindsey.

"It's something that everyone enjoys," said Linda Hutchison, downtown development authority coordinator and manager of the city's Better Hometown program. "When you deliver the gifts, you always get a smile," she said.

Lindsey said the citizens really enjoy their gifts and realize they are not forgotten during the holiday season.

"I've gotten several calls and thank-you cards from the seniors," Lindsey said.

Bobby Brown, 80, of Locust Grove liked the bag he got. "It had some candy and different types of fruit inside of it," said Brown. "The basket was really nice and we really appreciate it. It's good for the elderly," he said.

City staff members drove the gifts to the homes of seniors on the city's list.

Ruth Lindsey, 80, said this is her third year receiving a gift from the city. "We got two bags, one for me and one for my husband," said Lindsey. "I think all the seniors appreciate this."

City workers said the feeling is mutual.

"We enjoyed putting them together," said Hutchison. She helped to stuff the bags before they were delivered. Hutchison said this is her third year as a participant in the program for the elderly.

"You always think about people who don't have the same things that you have, and you want to help them all year long, not just for Christmas," said Hutchison.

Councilman W.L. "Billy" Carter said he voted for this program to be implemented as one of the city's services. "This makes them feel so good [inside], because someone remembered them," he said.