Former Locust Grove Mayor dies

By Jaya Franklin


Friends and relatives of Benjamin Frank Tingle, former mayor of Locust Grove and a former Henry County Commissioner, said he never met a stranger in his life.

He is often described as a kind, loving, humorous person, who enjoyed telling stories.

"He was good to everybody and he was dedicated to the Locust Grove United Methodist Church," said Mayor Lorene Lindsey, sister-n-law of Tingle.

Tingle, 94, of Locust Grove, died Dec. 26 at 4 p.m. A viewing of the body was held Friday from 5-8 p.m., at Haisten Funeral Home in McDonough. A funeral service will be held today (Saturday) at 11 a.m., at the Locust Grove United Methodist Church, located at 211 Peeksville Road in Locust Grove.

Terri Tingle-Heppner, 58, daughter of Tingle, said he has served on every committee at the Locust Grove United Methodist Church.

"He was chairman of the board and he was very proud of his work as chairman of the building fund," she said. "He spearheaded the initiative to raise funds for the building that the church is currently in."

Although Tingle was involved in the church community, he still made time to run a business as a real estate broker.

"Frank and I were partners in the real estate business for about 13 or 14 years," said W.G. Blakney, 85, of the Williamson area. "We covered Americus and Fayette all the way back to Henry County."

Blakney said Tingle was the best business partner that anyone could hope to have.

"I remember him being an honest, upright man, he wanted to do everything and everybody right," said Blakney.

Tingle and Blakney had more than one business together. The partners also bought over 400 acres of land and started a cattle farm nine miles southwest of Griffin. Tingle retired when he was 84 years old.

When their business ventures ended, Blakney still kept in touch with his buddy.

"Frank has been in bad health these last couple of years, I used to go see him, and if I couldn't get to him, I would call him on the phone," said Blakney.

Tingle-Heppner said her father had many hobbies. "He loved to eat fried chicken, grow tomatoes and travel," she said.

Tingle traveled to Australia, Europe, Switzerland, France, Germany, Alaska and England.

"We used to tease him about his trip to England," said Lindsey. "He fell after being there for one or two days and had to come home."