News for Tuesday, June 26, 2007


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Trio of drivers hear Thunder roar twice each week

Dwight Pilgram, Ed Clark and Brian Weimer will never know the thrill of racing for the checkered flag with the likes of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson or any of the boys of NASCAR.

Gas Prices Falling Decrease likely to be short lived

Mary Weston, of Griffin, said the high price of gas was one of the reasons she was in McDonough Wednesday looking for a job.

Like it or not, Sosa's 600th blast clinches Hall of Fame

More than any other sport, baseball is a game of statistics. Thumbing through the all-time numbers is our way of separating the good from the elite.

Biker dead after strip-club gunfight

No one saw the bikers argue. No one, in a crowded Forest Park strip club on a Saturday night, saw anything between the bikers they would describe as an altercation. As far as witnesses could tell, the bikers from the two motorcycle clubs didn't even talk.

Men's health in the spotlight this week

Some of the most common killers of men this year will be heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.

Mama said knock you out Local youth boxing a hit at recreation center

The future success of boxing rests in good hands behind the powerful one-two punch of the youth at the Clayton County Parks and Recreation Center.