Biker dead after strip-club gunfight

No one saw the bikers argue. No one, in a crowded Forest Park strip club on a Saturday night, saw anything between the bikers they would describe as an altercation. As far as witnesses could tell, the bikers from the two motorcycle clubs didn't even talk.

Out in the parking lot of the Crazy Horse Saloon, however, the bikers allegedly exchanged gun fire.

Frank Rego Veal, a 44-year-old from Roberta, Ga., died outside the 3950 Jonesboro Road strip club, early Sunday morning in what Forest Park Police are saying was a shootout between members of rival motorcycle clubs, the Outlaws and the Renegades.

Forest Park Police found Veal dead of a single gunshot wound and found two other bikers shot multiple times and bleeding in the parking lot.

Maj. Chris Matson said police also found two shotguns, three semi automatic handguns and one revolver, all believed to have belonged to the bikers.

"Nobody has been able to tell us that there were words exchanged," Matson said, "[A rivalry] is pretty much the assumption."

The two wounded bikers were taken to area hospitals. Their injuries are not thought to be life threatening. Both will face charges of murder, Matson said.

Police are not revealing the name of the hospitals where they are being kept, nor the names of the wounded bikers, out of concern for the safety of hospital staffs.

None of the people involved in the gunfight was from the area, according to Matson.

He said he has heard of the motorcycle gangs, over the years, but the department had never had any dealings with them until Sunday morning.

Veal's death was the second homicide connected to the strip club in the last six months. On Dec. 1, a four-month pregnant dancer and a McDonough man were killed on their way home from the Crazy Horse Saloon. A 22-year-old man has been charged with the deaths, and detectives believe he was angry at the woman for ignoring him on his birthday.

Matson said most of the people at the strip club were locals, and that police are not often called there.

"This is highly unusual," he said. "We just don't have problems out of this club ... It's a regular clientele, like any place."

The two wounded bikers, currently in the hospital, will have to face charges as soon as they are well enough to travel, Matson said.