Trio of drivers hear Thunder roar twice each week

Dwight Pilgram, Ed Clark and Brian Weimer will never know the thrill of racing for the checkered flag with the likes of Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson or any of the boys of NASCAR.

That's never stopped them from getting their racing fix. The trio stays busy each week during the 10-week Summer racing series, competing not once, but twice against each other.

All three drivers race in both the Legends Masters Division and the Roadster series.

Four weeks into the 2007 chase for the points championship, Weimer is in first place in both series. Thursday night, he took the checked flag in the Master Division and settled for third place in the Roadsters feature race.

The drawback to leading the points championship is Weimer will start next week's races in the fifth row.

"It's a lot of fun racing against the same guys twice, but it will be kind of tough starting from the back," Weimer said.

Weimer has been turning laps at AMS in the Masters Division since 2003. He began going for the checkered flag in the Roadster Division in 2005.

Clark, who is President and General Manager of Atlanta Motor Speedway, is also in the hunt for a championship in both divisions.

Thursday night Clark finished fifth in the Roadsters division and seventh in the Masters feature.

As the annual racing series heads into the halfway point next week, he is in second place in the Roadster Division with 370 points. Weimer took the lead last week and now has 391 points.

Clark is in seventh place in the Masters Division.

"I'm running two divisions because I'm trying to find something I can do," Clark said. "It's fun, I can't get enough of it."

Pilgram, who works for the Legends of Georgia at AMS, finished second in Thursday's Roadsters Division and fifth in the Masters.

He is currently fifth in the points standings of both divisions.

Pilgram often goes right from the Legends Shop located inside AMS, to the track on Thursday night, but he doesn't mind the hectic pace.

"If it wasn't fun, I wouldn't do it," Pilgram said. "The driving is the fun part, so if I get the chance to drive two different cars. I'm going to go for it."

Clark has watched Thursday Thunder and Legends racing explode at Atlanta Motor Speedway during its 10-year existence.

"Part of what I love about it is the fellowship with other drivers," Clark said. "This is a great way for families to spend time together and get involved in racing."

Racing in both series often makes for a hectic night.

During the fourth week of the season, the Roadsters feature was the first race of the evening. Pilgrim, Clark and Weimer didn't have too much downtime before climbing into their Legends Masters machine for another 25-lap feature.

There was just one other race in between the Roadsters feature and the Masters race.

"The nice thing is the evening is over quickly," Pilgram said. "On a warm night like this, you can get out of your jump suit and go relax a little bit and watch the rest of the stuff."

Pilgram, Clark and Weimer will repeat the fun six more times as Thursday Thunder gets ready to hit the halfway point.