SWAT raid finds 10 people in apartment with drugs, ammunition

By Daniel Silliman


When the SWAT team busted down an apartment door, they found nine adults and a runaway teen laying on mattresses on the floor, Clayton County Police said.

Narcotics officers and the Special Weapons and Tactics team raided an apartment at 330 Arrowhead Blvd., in Jonesboro, following neighbors' complaints that its occupants were dealing drugs "24 hours a day," Lt. Robert Bridgeman reported.

The officers' information led them to believe the residents were armed, so the SWAT team raided the apartment at 6 a.m., Thursday, with the narcotics officers following behind.

Police found the 10 people, 3.5 ounces of marijuana and one gram of crack cocaine. The drugs were estimated to be worth $2,000.

On charges of possession, five women and four men were arrested. They are:

Clenticha Jackson, 18; Latrene Talley, 19; Anedria Thomas, 19; Tamika Dawson, 27; Keisha Hixson, 30; Kenzie Cole, 27; Jauron Turner, 28; Nicholas Barham, 29, and Jerramiyah Joiner, 30.

The juvenile, a 16-year-old, who was reported missing from Clayton County, was turned over to the Regional Youth Detention Center, Bridgeman said.

Police spokeswoman, Sgt. Rebecca Brown, said all of the people appeared to be living in the apartment. Searching the house, narcotics officers reported finding and seizing $600, scales and drug packaging paraphernalia. They found ammunition, but none of the rumored firearms which caused them to call out the SWAT team.

"They didn't find the weapons," Brown said, "but they found the ammunition. So the weapons are somewhere."

The investigation is ongoing. Police ask anyone suspecting neighbors of dealing drugs to call the department's tip line at (770) 473-3875.