Man killed on Mt. Zion

By Daniel Silliman


Witnesses heard him say "Don't shoot me," and then the 51-year-old was shot once in the chest.

Harold L. Anderson, of no permanent residence, was shot with a .40-caliber bullet at about 2 a.m., Sunday, Clayton County Police said.

He was found on the ground with his hands up by his head, without a pulse and bleeding from the mouth, at 701 Mt. Zion Road, Officer P.R. Gant wrote in a police report.

Officers attempted to find a pulse on the man's wrist and neck, and attempted to get a response by calling to him. Anderson was declared dead, according to the police report, at 2:30 Sunday morning.

He was shot once, on the left side of his chest, near his arm pit, according to the report. Crime Scene Investigators found a single shell casing on the ground near Anderson's body.

Witnesses said the 51-year-old was walking down the street, passing the gate of The Park Apartments. It was about 39 degrees, and Anderson was wearing blue jeans, a zip-up, black and white sweat jacket, leather sneakers and a black, knit cap, police reported.

One witness said a red or orange, mid-sized car stopped near Anderson. A man got out, with a gun in his hand, and walked up to Anderson. The 51-year-old said, "Don't shoot me," but the unidentified man shot him, and the car sped away.

Another witness described the vehicle as a dark red of burnt orange suburban, seen speeding from the scene.

No description of the gunman was given, in the police report.

Sgt. Rebecca Brown said detectives were continuing the investigation Monday morning. They did not know, though, where the man was going. He may, Brown said, have been walking to the Majic Food Mart, an all-night convenience store down the street from the shooting.

In September, a 20-year-old man was reportedly shot to death in the Majic Mart parking lot. An arrest has been made, in that case, though police do not appear to know the motive for the shooting.

Police do not believe the 51-year-old was robbed, Sunday morning, Brown said. Nothing appears to have been taken.

Anyone with information about the shooting-death of Anderson, is asked to call Detective Steve Rotella at (770) 477-3624.