Man pleads guilty - using his real name this time

By Daniel Silliman


A 36-year-old man who previously pled guilty to misdemeanors, using a false name, has pled guilty again. This time, the Morrow man used the name Mickie Ryan Ford, apparently his real name, and pleaded guilty to four charges, in Clayton County Superior Court.

Ford was arrested in April on charges he walked out of a store with three pairs of shoes, worth $190, stuffed in his pants, according to court documents. He was charged with shoplifting and possession of a three-inch glass pipe, believed to be used for smoking crack cocaine.

When arrested, he gave police a driver's license bearing the name "Nolan J. Reeves." He also had a social security number, assigned to the false name, "Reeves."

He was arrested under that name and charged in that name, court documents show.

Ford pleaded guilty to the charges, using the false name, and was released on probation sometime in the late spring. He was arrested again in July.

When arrested the second time, the man was apparently selling fake credit cards, and the fake identity -- "Nolan J. Reeves" -- which he had previously used in court.

On Nov. 5, Ford pled guilty to the charges in the second arrest: Attempting to sell fake credit cards, possession of a fake identity, giving a false name to police and driving without a license. Ford was sentenced to seven years in prison.

All of the charges previously listed under that name of Reeves have been moved, in the Clayton County court records, and are now filed under the name Ford.

Ford has a criminal record of misdemeanor charges, including theft by receiving, theft, manufacturing false documents and a long list of shoplifting arrests.