Animal rescue shelter needs money, volunteers, adoptions

By Jaya Franklin


A McDonough animal rescue shelter needs volunteers, donors and dog lovers interested in adoptions or foster care.

Praying for Paws has 32 dogs waiting to be adopted. Some have special needs.

"Some of the dogs that we've rescued were going to be put down," said Carol Kelly, founder of Praying for Paws. "We are a no-kill organization," she said.

Kelly has a Yorkshire Terrier that is almost totally blind, suffers from a thyroid disease, and the dog had a tumor on it's testicles.

Individuals who are interested in adopting a Praying for Paws animal are required to fill out an application and pay an adoption fee.

"We check out their home environment and make sure that they have plenty of room," said Kelly. She added, those who have a dog-adoption history, and verifiable vet records, have a better chance of adopting.

"It's helpful to make the decision when they've had a dog before," said Kelly.

"We adopt to first-timers, also. We use good judgment to make the decision," she said.

Praying for Paws has several sizes and types of dogs, including the popular black and brown Labradors, and Golden Retrievers.

"We only bring in dogs that we think will make a great family pet," said Michelle Farris, volunteer and board member of the organization. "If they are aggressive, we include that information in their profile," she said.

"We stress the importance of having your dog on a leash, and we do not tolerate chaining," said Farris.

The organization has a dozen active volunteers, but it needs more.

Farris said there are other things to donate besides time.

"We go through 80 pounds of dog food a day. Donating a bag of dog food, or coming over and walking one of the dogs will be greatly appreciated," said Farris, who owns three dogs.

Farris said the company is in need of money and foster parents. Foster parents are individuals who can provide a temporary home for a pet. Praying for Paws is a 501 (c) 3 rescue group that is dedicated to helping homeless dogs. The shelter was founded in 2005. For more information, call: (404) 202-4208.


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