News for Tuesday, November 27, 2007


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The weird, quiet world of night - Daniel Silliman

Dad's face was green, in the glow of the dashboard lights. Coming the other way, headlights blared and I stared into them, going temporarily blind and then blinking out the window until I could see the night again.

Obituaries - Nov. 27, 2007

Dorothy H. Walton

Two kidnapped in home invasion

By Daniel Silliman

County joins Rainbow House in holiday festival

By Joel Hall

Forest Park celebrates 100 years of history

By Joel Hall

Two boys sleep through kidnapping

By Daniel Silliman

Police name suspect in Thanksgiving's triple shooting

By Daniel Silliman

Chief: Traffic enforcement deters crime in Morrow

By Daniel Silliman

Juvenile court reports decline in weapons at schools

By Curt Yeomans