Two boys sleep through kidnapping

By Daniel Silliman


Two boys were kidnapped while they slept in the back of their parents' black GMC Yukon, but were found less than two miles away -- still sleeping.

A few minutes after midnight Friday, Sturgiss and Denise Burns went inside their 5472 Northcut Drive home, in College Park, to pick up a few remaining things before they moved to Tyrone, Ga., they told Clayton County Police.

According to the police report, Sturgiss Burns said he went upstairs to grab a packed suitcase and Denise Burns went to grab another packed suitcase.

They left their two sons -- ages 5 and 9 -- sleeping in the back of the 2005, black, GMC Yukon. The car was running, and the 39-year-old father and 37-year-old mother were inside the home "for about two minutes," Sturgiss Burns told police.

When the adults came outside, carrying suitcases, the GMC was gone.

Denise Burns told police, according to Officer K. Stirckland's report, that she had noticed two strange cars following them into the cul-de-sac, but she wasn't able to describe them.

The vehicle was equipped with OnStar service, but the global positioning system was turned off, because the account was not active. OnStar customer service reportedly told Clayton police the global positioning system could only be reactivated from inside the GMC.

Police were collecting information for a stolen car alert, and were moments away from releasing an Amber alert for the kidnapped kids, when an officer found the vehicle less than 20 minutes later and about two miles away.

The GMC had apparently been driven down Riverdale Road, turned left on Flat Shoals Road, and then parked at 5610 Rockingwood Lane, in College Park, a wooded residential street.

Police believe someone was trying to steal the car, not realizing there were sleeping children inside, and abandoned the plan when he or she discovered the auto theft had become a kidnapping.

The two boys told police they didn't see the driver, and slept through the entire kidnapping.

A $600 blackberry cell phone, a $400 Nokia cell phone, a $175 Samsung digital camera and the keys to the GMC were missing, the couple reported. Denise Bruns' pocket book was left behind.

Sturgiss Burns, employed by Coca Cola, and Denise Burns, employed by Delta Air Lines, planed to continue their move to Tyrone, according to the report.