Two kidnapped in home invasion

By Daniel Silliman


A Jonesboro woman spent more than two hours lying on the floor Friday, police said, while two gunmen ransacked her house, repeatedly asking, "Where's the money at?"

Susan Young told Clayton County Police that she was sleeping at her 10851 Starling Trail home, at about 11 p.m., Friday, when she heard "a bump," according to police reports. The 35-year-old woman saw nothing when she looked through her house and when she looked outside, but when she opened the door to the garage, a masked man pointed a gun at her, she said.

Young reported that she slammed the door, but it was kicked open and two armed men entered the Jonesboro home. Young and 36-year-old,Tavis Lewis, described both home invaders as black men in their early 20s.

One was reportedly wearing a black ski mask. He is about five-feet, five inches tall, weighs about 170 pounds, and was carrying a black, semiautomatic handgun.

The other wasn't wearing a mask, and was described as having his hair in dread locks. He is about six-feet tall, weighs about 180 pounds and was also armed with a black, semiautomatic handgun.

The two men ordered Young and Lewis to get down on the floor. According to the report filed by Officer R.W. Kinsey, the men began to search and ransack the home.

About an hour later, the woman's son came home, went up the stairs and walked in on one of the men. After a short struggle, the family reported, the son was also forced to the floor at gun point. The masked man stood over the three with a gun for more than two hours, while the taller invader continued the search.

The armed men then made the family get dressed, and took Lewis and the son, who has not been named, with them, according to the police report. One of the men allegedly said to Young, "I'm taking your husband to show me where the money is. I'm taking your son, so if you [expletive] with me, I'll kill them both."

Lewis and the son were forced into the family's 2001, white Chevy Tahoe, and the two armed men drove off. The father and the younger male were later told to get out of the sports utility vehicle at Highland Pointe Apartments in DeKalb County.

Police were still searching for the Chevy Monday afternoon, Capt. Greg Dickens, said. Lewis had $400 taken from his wallet, but it was not clear, Monday, what money the armed men were reportedly looking for.

Anyone with information about the home invasion and kidnapping is asked to call the Clayton County tips hot line, at (770) 473-5400.