Bad music brings out the 'hate' in me - Jaya Franklin

There aren't too many things that I love.

In fact, a lot of people who are close to me have noticed that I say the word "hate" a lot.

But when I use the word hate, I am just trying to express my dislike of someone or something. Everyone knows that I am a very dramatic person, and I guess my words reflect that.

But when I say hate, I don't really mean that I absolutely, with all my heart, totally despise something. For some odd reason, hate is just the first word that comes to mine, so I use it.

One thing that I know I love, for sure, is music, however. I love rap music, R & B, oldies, alternative music, and just about any other genre of music that sounds good and displays real skills.

One thing that I hate is bad music.

It seems as if anybody, who can make a sound or chant a couple of words, has a record deal these days. Take, for instance, rap music. A lot of people don't like rap music, as it is, because they truly don't understand what the person on the microphone is trying to say.

And that's OK.

But, in all actuality, it really isn't that hard. I listen to rap music for the beat or the rhythm of the song, along with the lyrics. When listening to some rappers, like Jay-Z, otherwise known as Sean Carter, I can tell that he raps about a wide range of things.

His lyrics can include anything, from being poor to politics. Sometimes, his lyrics are deep enough to make you think, and sometimes, you may even have to grab a dictionary.

But when it comes to one-hit wonders, one thing is definitely for sure, you can bank on them having some sort of dance to go with their horrible songs.

If you ask me, this is just a tactic to deter you from their poor rapping skills. It's pretty sad. You would think that producers and record-label executives would have some type of standard when it comes to who they sign to their labels.

But, it seems right now, that as long as you can come up with a sentence that rhymes, and can chant it and find a couple of kids to put in your video, it's all good.

Then, on top of that, people actually go to the store and buy this garbage. I really hate that because it's doing nothing but encouraging these poor artists to make more horrible music.

Will the cycle ever end?

Jaya Franklin covers government for the Henry Daily Herald. She can be reached via e-mail at jfranklin@henryherald.com.