Man arrested in Majic Mart murder case

By Daniel Silliman


Clayton County Police arrested a 23-year-old in connection with the murder of a man who was apparently mistaken for his brother.

Anthony O'Neil Gibbs, Jr., was arrested early Saturday morning on charges of murder and aggravated assault, in connection with the Sept. 19 shooting-death of 20-year-old Kevin Jean-Jacques.

Police arrested the 23-year-old Riverdale man at the convenience store, Majic Food Mart, 728 Mt. Zion Road, where the fatal shooting allegedly happened a week and a half before.

Gibbs was connected to the shooting by witnesses, according to Sgt. Rebecca Brown, and he was positively identified as the shooter, by witnesses looking at a photographic line-up.

Detectives said they still didn't have a motive for the shooting, after interviewing Gibbs.

The original report of the murder left detectives with a lot of questions to investigate. The day after Jean-Jacques was found dead, they were not only looking at why the 20-year-old Frito Lay employee was shot, but also looking into where and when he was shot.

Jean-Jacques was brought to Southern Regional Medical Center at 9:30 p.m., according to police reports. He was dead on arrival.

He was brought in by Alfred Wheeler, a self-identified friend and co-worker, who told police that Jean-Jacques had been shot in the parking lot of the Magic Mart after being mistaken for his brother.

According to what Wheeler told police, the two co-workers went into the store for something to drink and a man, standing inside, looked at Jean-Jacques and said, "Hey, that's 'Dirty.'" Jean-Jacques said that he wasn't know as 'Dirty,' but his brother was, and the two had a conversation, in the food mart.

Wheeler couldn't say what they were talking about, he told police, because he was trying to decide what he wanted to drink and he went outside to his car to get enough change for the purchase.

After both men paid for their drinks, 20-year-old Wheeler said, they got into a white, 2000 Toyota Solara. They were about to drive out of the small parking lot, onto Mt. Zion Road, when a man ran out, armed with a chrome-colored pistol, and fired a single shot at Jean-Jacques' side of the car. .

The car, in the hospital parking lot, had a broken window confirming Wheeler's version of events, but there was no glass in the Majic Mart parking lot, and crime scene investigators couldn't find a shell casing or any other evidence the shooting had happened there. Detectives also wondered why Jean-Jacques' body was cold when it arrived at the hospital's emergency room -- indicating he had been dead for some time -- when the reported scene of the shooting was only two miles from the hospital.

Police were not willing to say, Monday, how many of their questions had been answered by Gibbs or the information leading to his arrest. He had, they said, given them information requiring further investigation.

Gibbs' had his first appearance in court on Sunday, and was told he is being charged with murder and aggravated assault.

The 23-year-old has a criminal record. According to records, he has been arrested previously, on charges of littering; loitering; trespassing; improperly crossing the street; driving without a license, without insurance, and without a license plate; giving a false name to police; possession of marijuana, and theft by receiving.